Born on 11/28/1972 at Port Of Spain General Hospital in Trinidad, I grew up in a small town named Penal in south Trinidad & went to school at Penal R C School.

It was at the age of 9 I started off as a little drummer boy in the school & church choir, & it wasn’t until the year 2001 did my fist song High Grade Chronic, as A two man crew named ItalStew we did boat rides & different clubs in the city like Lion’s Den, The Ark, Caribbean City & among others we did a show for WLIB at Club LaBarbet. My last performance was at Frankie’s Lounge in Brooklyn.

After 2001 BabyFaceEastwood, as a solo artist did shows at Lion’s Den, Leopard Lounge, Club Shrine & one of my favorites Joe’s Club where I performed two songs Ganja Calling & Ah Vision.

In 2007 I met with 3NEE Shuga, who started off as a backup singer and quickly became a musical duet, writing and singing together.


Born on 12/05/1972 from Trinidad and Tobago, grew up in a small village in south Trinidad called Los Bajos, relocated to Siparia, where I migrated to the United States in the year 2002.

I found my love for singing and writing music at the age of 23 where I would go to hear Machel Montano and the Xtatic band rehearse.

I met with BabyFaceEastwood in the year 2007, where I would do backup vocals for him, we performed at Joe’s Pub in 2008 and Eastside Bar, this quickly changed as I started co-writing with him and singing alongside him as a duet, where we performed at Frankie’s Lounge on February 8th 2014, where we performed our song Party Noice.

We met with our Producer Nicholas Antoine ” he is the former trumpet player for the Xtatic band”, who took a liking to our musical form and writing capabilities and started working on the song Party Noice in December of 2013 and is currently working on all of our music thus far






She Real is truly a Hip Hop Emcee! Just ask the crowd. Offstage She Real is actually a pretty laid back quiet person, but onstage She Real unleashes this monstrous beauty of a beast that can turn any audience into She Real lovers.

She Real spits with a vengeance. Her concepts range from thoughts of imperfection, to the everyday struggles of life, to the power one possess with faith. Don’t worry she can get cocky too, with captivating lyrics she believes demands Hip Hop’s respect. She has recently appeared as a guest on Shade 45 Sway In The Morning Show. She Real has opened up for Tone Trump, Juelz Santana, Style P, and Tierra Marie. She has won countless competitions around NYC and is currently on the Deans List College Tour. She Real released her third mixtape entitled “My Times Coming” on January 1st 2014, and believe me her name speaks for itself.







Bronx, New York, the original home of hip-hop has given birth to this 20th Century’s Hip-Hop Soul phenomenon. She is one of a kind in a class all by herself. One part singer, one part writer and all parts humble…She is The Silent Celeb. This female R&B artist sings with an old school soul but can fall in line equally with the greatest of MCs, both female and male. Knowing that she is not the norm in this industry serves her well, as it motivates her to bring it every time…and that she does. Her music is a soulful and sexy fusion of Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop all in one. She caresses the microphone like she was born with it in her hands. The Silent Celeb has solidified her spot as one of the best R&B artist to emerge in her time. Compelled by the likes of Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott, her voice and lyrical genius carry a truth and a confidence that lulls you in and keeps you coming back for more but it is her very own life experiences growing up in the Gun Hill section of the Bronx that allows her to demolish any beat she encounters, singing from her soul and breathing life into any track.

As a singer and performer since the age of four, she’s been perfecting her style and skills for years and her timing could not be better. Being released in a time where the industry and society have become more open and accepting of alternative lifestyle and music. Her music remains timeless and universal. “I write for the masses, I have something for everyone.” Good music is good music and The Silent Celebs’ music is not only good, it transcends boundaries…be it age, gender or genre.

Silent Celeb has been labeled as ‘Who’s Got Next!’ for 2014. She recently won grand prize in the Faces in the Crowd Showcase competition held at the legendary SOBs in NYC. She also placed judges top 3 in the Ultimate Showcase hosted by Get Gwop Ent and Def Jam Rec. Not to mention Celeb is also currently on two indie tours with Team Inkrediable Unsigned Explosion as well as the NO Boys Allowed College Tour. At this rate this Celeb wont be Silent for long. She realizes her goals and dreams will only come true with hard work and determination and for this artist the truth is definitely in the pudding.

The Silent Celeb has worked with an assortment of noteworthy artists and producers in the underground industry. Her consistency and dedication has gained her the respect and acknowledgement of all artists she encounters. In 2011 Celeb was chosen as a finalist for the Essence Magazine Star Search. “Your Sound is like a punch to the stomach- so strong so raw so refreshing…a true New York soulful sound” – Kelly Price.

The Silent Celeb lives by the mantra – “life is filled with ups and downs, some people are just afraid of heights!”- And at this point in her career The Silent Celeb is soaring higher than ever.

So…if you are open minded and like good music… and ready to not just hear, but FEEL the music…Celeb is for you.  And if you are ready for an artist you can relate to, even if you feel she’s un-relatable…Blanco is for you. Stay tuned for major moves from this on-the-rise Celeb.










Don’t believe the hype, there is no hype. Throughout the New York talent pool there are very few with the talent this young man brings to the table. Mr. Zeke is an artist willing to display his truth and give you his growth as it happens. Mr. Zeke showcases his talent by bringing an old school New York attitude with a new school twist. An undeniable talent Mr. Zeke displays the proper combination of lyricism, edginess and personality that has been missing within rap music. Lets face it, nowadays in reality most hip-hop artists use a gimmick to propel their buzz and gain notoriety in the industry. Mr. Zeke wants to familiarize his fan base with his true self and not fabricate his image. This artist, before anything is a true fan of hip-hop. Mr. Zeke was born as Ezequiel Diaz-Sierra on June 5th 1991 in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. At the age of 4 him and his family decided to come to this country for more opportunities, a better lifestyle and to seek out the “American Dream.” Ezequiel was brought up in a very Latino and religious household where secular music wasn’t aloud. At the age of 12 his older siblings introduced him to different genres of music such as rock, r&b, jazz and primarily hip-hop. Mr. Zeke recalls the first hip-hop song that he ever listened to was “The Takeover” by Jay-Z. Jay-Z being one of Ezequiel’s biggest influences due to his clever lyricism, and relative visual depiction of the impoverished youth gave him an outlet as an avenue to express his deepest thoughts. Along with this list are hip-hop legends such as KRS ONE, Tribe Called Quest, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nas, De La Soul, Eminem, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, 2Pac, The Clipse, Fabolous, and The Notorious B.I.G. At the age of 16 Ezequiel Diaz began writing lyrics. At the age of 17 a close family friend dubbed him the name Mr. Zeke. The MR stands for most rejected and most respected. In the coming months before high school graduation, Mr. Zeke was sculpting a musical body of work to present to his classmates. Due to life’s happenings this first attempt was a fail and the project was never finished and released. For the last 4 years Mr. Zeke has been searching for his calling and in the late months of 2013 he completed his first solo project, which is titled “Failed Attempts, Late Assignments.” Mr. Zeke’s perspective on himself is that he is the perfect stereotype of a person raised in the lower working class. From being born in a third world country to being in English as a second language classes he has figured out that even if the chips are against you persistence will prevail. Make sure you look out for Mr. Zeke within the near future as he continues to mature as an artist with his own lane and avenue in the hip-hop game.


PHONE NUMBER: (914) 564-6512



INSTAGRAM: www.instagram/mrz2k2

ALBUM: “Failed Attempts, Late Assignments” DOWNLOAD LINK:



d.i.b (born on March 9, 1981) is an American born rapper of Haitian decent. His Birth name is Rollins Dumornay but, for as long as he can remember he has been known as d.i.b(Determined Ill Being). He was raised in East Flatbush Brooklyn, just steps away from some of Brooklyn’s notorious crime filled blocks and main avenues. Flatbush ave. was known as one of the epicenters of the 80′s crack epidemic that crippled the communities in Brooklyn.The youngest of four children, d.i.b’s parents struggled to shield him from the Streets. d.i.b was exposed to hip-hop and street culture through his older siblings. They would often bring home mix tapes and vinyl records of Rap songs and instrumentals. d.i.b would study his older brothers while going over there breakdance moves and routines. Eventually, d.i.b used those same Records and tapes to create his own rhymes. Due to d.i.b’s shy nature, he kept his rhyming skills a secret until one day, after purchasing his very first rap album,( Nas-It was written) he decided that he wanted to become a rapper.

d.i.b was always known for being the “quiet kid” in school. However, he began to gain popularity and notoriety from the local kids in some of NYC’s toughest neighborhood in the early1990′s by freestyling. He would also freestyle with older guys from local gangs and they would hold rap contests at school in the lunchrooms known as Cyphers. These cyphers would continue well after school onto the street corners and parks. d.i.b would perform one of his many routines allowing him to gain more fans and eventually raised a few eyebrows of some of Hip Hop’s most influential insiders. d.i.b then went on to form a group called N.O.K (Next of Kin). In 1997 they released several songs and mix tapes but unfortunately did not gain any real traction on the music scene. In 2008, N.O.K was dismantled due to creative differences.

d.i.b’s love for hip hop music and culture would lead to him search out a fellow Brooklynite named Daniel Cherubin aka Zag. Zag was a childhood friend and producer well known for his ability to play multiple instruments. The two formed a company in 2010 called Digital Currency Media. It was then that they began working on d.i.b’s long awaited album Necessity The Album is set for release on March 9,2014 and will be distributed digitally online on all notable music stores,blogs,and websites. This duo is set to carve out their own niche in the rejuvenated Hip Hop industry. d.i.b’s seamless lyrics and smooth tones, accompanied by music compositions of some of Brooklyn’s respected producers makes for a perfect blend of the Hip Hop we love and enjoy.

“Necessity”  Available on 3-9-14








C-Knuckles possesses the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the entertainment/music industry with his charisma, astounding studio resume, and his street credibility obtained at a young age.  His passion for music led him to begin rapping at the age of thirteen, participating in schoolyard battles and ciphers.

C-Knuckles was born and raised as Chad Williams in Amityville, New York.  Amityville is also known for the infamous Amityville Horror killings in the 1970’s.  His genre of music is rap.  C-Knuckles hip hop influences include: Kool G Rap, Rakim, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Kanye West and Jay-Z.  His style is described as hardcore, gangster, aggressive but conscious, and at times alternative.

You can find C-Knuckles performing at any event, including shows from Long Island to the five boroughs. He has appeared on air at Duke University in North Carolina on Duke Radio.  C-Knuckles has networked and performed with many great artists such as DJ Killa Touch, Fred Da Godson, Uncle Murda, and Cyhi Da Prynce.  If you know C-Knuckles, you know that his slogan is “HORRORLIFE”.  His upcoming mixtape, “Thanx4GivinBack” is a follow up from his previous project “Thanx4Givin” hosted by Bizkit, well known blogger and creator of  You can find C-Knuckles on,,, and  He is currently working with Producer Triple A, producer of Jim Jones, 60 Racks, Lil’ Wayne, and Big Sean just to name a few.

C-Knuckles’ ultimate goal in music is to be one of the best to ever do it, to touch a lot of people, to take this culture to another level, to become successful, and to build a great legacy.  He states, “I feel hip hop as a whole right now is good.  I feel its returning back to the way it was competitively.”




INSTAGRAM: @cknuckles11701

TWITTER: @cknuckles11701






Maya Russell, musically known as Maya Milan, is an American singer/songwriter.  Born and raised in Maryland, she discovered her love for music while participating in her elementary school choir as a second grader.  It was evident from that moment on; Maya had discovered her true passion. Maya believes singing is the window into ones soul; it is the form of expression that gives voice to one’s inner most thoughts and feelings. Maya speaks of her ability to let go, live in the moment and embody the harmonious melodic sounds that music brings. As a writer, she captures the delicacies and complexities of her life and turns them into stories to share with her fans. As a lyricist, these stories then become the foreground for creative musical compilations. Maya Milan is currently a college student, singer, and songwriter. She has performed in front of large crowds, and opened for artists such as: K. Michelle, J. Cole, and the Migos among others.

Since discovering her love, Maya has participated in several choirs, performing arts groups, contests, and showcases.  While attending Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Maya became a star in her own right.  Her tenacity and ambition helped secure opportunities in her community and the surrounding areas in order to build her fan base. She participated in the DMV next star competition hosted by Angela and Vanessa Simmons, the Extreme Teen talent search, where she performed live during WPGC 95.5’s showcase two years in a row, winning first and second place. She performed at DMV GLEE hosted by Angie Ange of 93.9. Among her many accolades is the first place win in the Prince Georges County music festival, Apollo night at Charles Herbert Flowers High school, and “Who wants to be a star” Showcase at Lake Arbor day and the Omega Psi Phi annual talent showcase.

Maya is currently an Independent artist Managed by Queen of Queen Management Music and Entertainment, and is currently working on the release of her first major project Milan Mode set to be released in 2014. She is also gearing up for a two-single release “DollHouse” and “Show Up” on January 27, 2014. Maya and her production team, Signature Production Team, are working diligently on this project and are anxious to be formally introduced to the world.  Stay tuned! For more information contact Subscribe to Maya’s YouTube channel @ TheMayaMilan and follow her on twitter @ MayaMilanMusic.  Also, check out a preview of her music on Sound Cloud and Band Camp (Maya Milan Music).




Ariston Music, also known as “The AM” is group of talented individuals based out of different parts of New York and the inner cities of New Jersey. This group of artists was brought together by not only fate, but also the common drive to make what once was a dream, become a reality. The AM is made up of President of Operations Bernard Williams, Personal Manager Lia Almonte, Also Known as L.A., Super Producer Treadway, Artists Daniel Thomas, Laszlo, Luminous, and Cruz. With the ingredients of Producer Treadway’s impeccable instrumentation, creativity of the artist, and artistic guidance from management, the team has musically created a unique sound that immediately consumes the listener. In the past few years Ariston lyricist, Lazslo, has gained fans from all over the Tristate and Northeast U.S. His eccentric personally and charismatic  stage presence keeps you rocking through all of his performances. His advanced lyricism demonstrates his artistic maturity and shines light on topics everyone can relate to. After many sleepless nights, notebooks of words, finding himself musically, and developing his forte, he stepped into the spotlight and released his freshman project  “Avenue”. He is the breath of fresh air Hip Hop has been waiting for. With his undying dedication and undeniable talent, he is sure to take this industry by storm. Place Lazslo & Daniel Thomas on stage together and they will  have any venue evolve in to a energetic music powerhouse. Hip Hop MC , Daniel Thomas released his sophomore project  “KING, NO CROWN”, which was presented by, in the summer or 2012. Thomas is a musical wrecking ball, showcasing unparalleled lyricism and a collection of hits that will keep you wanting more. He continues gaining wide recognition for his talent throughout the Northeast. Daniel Thomas is currently working on his third project , set to be released in Winter 2014. Ariston music has put out more than 10 Albums, and hundreds of singles on websites such as, YouTube, Soundcloud, Hotnewhiphop, Datpiff, and other music engines throughout the Internet. Together they have performed all over the Tristate area in venues such as NYC’s infamous Venue Webster hall, Connecticut’s Infamous Toad’s Place and rocked at many festivals such as Newark’s Annual Hip Hop Festival in Lincoln Park, Newark. The AM has had the opportunity to open up for big names in the industry such as Juicy J, ASAP Ferg, Mac Miller, Austin Brown, and other major names in the music. They have also attended many industry events and networked with artists such as Memphis Bleek, Redman, Guru, Rah Digga, Kid Capri, and many more. Ariston is a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they driven by the hunger for the spotlight, but also the talent to make it in what is considered one of the toughest industries to break into in the world.  AM’s growing fan base is proof they not only have the talent but, the support they need to make their mark in music.









Evoking emotion to serve as a resource for the human mood is what Cydara aims to do through her music.  Her hope is that her listeners can always be moved by the lyrics, tone, and melody of songs she writes and performs.  Cydara wants to inspire people to dance like nobody’s watching, to cry because they need to, and smile when they remember how good it is or how good it was.  With a soulful R&B sound occasionally infused with a little electronic funk, Cydara is often compared to a crossover of between Amerie  and Dawn Richardson.

Cydara’s most recent released recordings include:

“Something I’klecktik”  EP mixtape which includes  her current single “Ride”.

“Play in My Hair” as featured on in October 2013:

“To touch or not touch a lady’s hair is a barbershop debate that is happening right now and probably forever. Cydara gives the stamp of approval for those eager to massage a significant other’s scalp on “Play In My Hair”. Just make sure your technique is up to par.

Cydara maintained creative control of the song; she co-wrote/co-produced the new single with songwriter Brittany Barber and producer Jamal Moore. This record is featured on “The Product,” which dropped earlier this year, 2013.”

 “Winning” as featured on in October 6, 2011:

 “Indie singer-songwriter Cydara releases the airy track “Winning,” co-written/produced by Cornelio Austin, who wrote Chris Brown’s hit “Private Dancer”

 “Money” as featured on Weedstock Generation Blog :

Gorgeous with a voice made to seduce, Cydara Elise is causing a storm. She makes me remember why we are called Motown and the Rebirth of Motown is so important. Her single, “Money” will force you to get up and *start singing* “just dance”. Below you will find the video for “Money” I must warn you it will cause you to dance so proceed with caution.  (Special appearances by two very handsome and talented men from Detroit – Ron Dance and Dwele)

 Other releases include “Starship”, “Used 2 be” ft. Ro Spit, and the self entitled EP -  Cydara Elise.

Cydara also takes great pride in growing a following as a “naturalista”.  Her most recent affirmation was the 51, 653 likes from 1, 876 shares of one of her photos that was recently featured on  “Transitions to Natural’s” Facebook page.

 In November of 2010, Cydara and her management team made the decision to engage her in a 12 month artist development program.  In April 2011, Cydara enrolled in a fulltime Vocal Performance program at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood.  With enhanced vocals and a more defined sound, Cydara matriculated from this program in April 2012 prepared to give her current and future fans as many performances as humanly possible.  And with that,  let the show begin!!


instagram:  @cydara
twitter: @cydara
facebook: @cydaraelise






Blu Lyon was born Austin Lyons Jr. of Trinidadian parentage and comes from a lineage of Well-known musicians like his father, Calypsonian Super Blue, and his sister, Soca artiste Fayann Lyons. He was born in Brooklyn, New York where he was exposed to musical influences of both the American and West Indian cultures at a young age. The latter years of his childhood was spent in the Caribbean on the island of Trinidad with his grandmother due to the hardships his mother faced in New York raising a boy as a single working mother. While living in Trinidad Blu experienced a constant influx of music. This gave him not only a love for it as a listener, but also gave him a hunger to be a creator. The time he spent around his father’s musical environment also gave him insight on what it would be like. “I was interested in anything as long as it had to do with music; I love how a song can have an impact of someone’s life.”
Upon returning to New York for his high school education, Blu took a serious interest in music as a future career path. He began to develop his writing skills by fusing rap with dancehall lingo and educated himself about music production. Blu also got involved in battle rapping and producer battles to sharpen his creative skills. He then decided to gain a professional understanding of music and its industry by attending Queens Borough Community where he earned a degree in Music Electronic Technology and Business.
In college Blu started a rap group and produced a number of records which were enough to catch the attention of Sony and Murder Inc. records, but some unfortunate events prevented deals to be made with them. He then moved on and recorded his first reggae song, ‘POOR NO MORE’. A Youtube video of the song spread virally and made it a favorite among many international music lovers and creators. That encouraging reception led him to further push himself within the dancehall arena by releasing a mixtape, ‘BIG BUSINESS’. He soon became an opening performer for hip hop and reggae acts like Collie Buddz and Funk Master Flex. He has graced the stage at the annually held Linkage Awards in New York and produced music for top dancehall and reggae artistes Vybz Kartel, Mr. Easy, Mega Banton and many others. Print and online publications such as Skope, Vents and L3 magazines have featured Blu as an artiste on the rise.
Blu is currently working with Beatmania Productions to finish work on his album, ‘SUPER BLUE’S BASTARD SON’. The music video for his new single ‘NEVA FIGET DEM’ has been premiered on Jamaica’s Hype TV and is available on iTunes along with other music he has released. His past interviews, music videos and performances can be viewed on his website His mixtape is also available on the site for free.





Aston Rush, is a native rapper/artist from the Bronx, New York. Poised to becoming more than just New York City’s Hip-Hop “Rookie of the Year”,AR’s catchy hooks and slick wordplay combined with the bravado of an artist he has more than just two years dedicated to his craft. Blurring the lines between a North and South influences, Aston has been honing his craft, feverishly, along side of best friend and acclaimed producer Dante “Dvffy” Carter. Aston will be great, or will die trying. His dedication to making good music incredible he’s just waiting on the world to see.

  • Email-
  • Twitter- @astonrush
  • Youtube- @Ev3rydayvegas
  • Instagram-@Ev3rydayvegas




Ya Highne$$ 1


Ya Highne$$ is the latest edition to the ranks of talented hip-hop artists from Brooklyn, NY area.

Born Edward Jerome Wiley, on September 20, 1987, Ya Highne$$ grew up in the drug infested Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.  As a toddler, just the experience of wearing his uncle’s headphones captivated him and thus began his love for hip-hop. He would hear stories and see pictures of his influences during the 90’s when hip-hop was arguably at its best. From Big Daddy Kane and Tribe Called Quest to The Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z, all of these artists had a massive impact on Ya Highne$$. Like many rappers, Ya Highne$$ began writing poetry as a way to escape his surroundings and stay on the right track.

In 2011, Ya Highne$$ recorded his first single “Be Alone”.  The following year, Ya Highne$$ released his mix tape entitled Y.H.I.C. (Ya Highne$$ In Charge) which featured singles “Motion Picture Sh**” and “We In The Building” featuring DJ Dozen.

No stranger to the limelight, Ya Highne$$ was the winner in the Coast 2 Coast NYC Industry Mixer Showcase at Webster Hall in January 2013 as well as the winner of the Desert Storm Showcase in February 2013.  Ya Highne$$ was then hand-picked to be the opening act for Juelz Santana’s birthday celebration which was deejayed by Brooklyn’s own The Finisher Mister Cee at Club Bliss in February 2013. Adding to his list of honors, Ya Highne$$ claimed first place in the Faces in The Crowd premier showcase held at SOB’s in July 2013.

Ya Highne$$ is currently in the studio producing new music for his encore mix tape (tentative release early fall).